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Doutorado | Palavras sem Discurso: Estratégias Criativas na Livre Improvisação (2012)

Mestrado | Anatomia de um improvisador: o estilo de Nailor Azevedo “Proveta” (2006)

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Fapesp Scientific Journal: Som de um quase caos

“This form of experimental music production is still under construction, starting with its own definition. At a music congress held in 2013 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Falleiros, from Unicamp, proposed the use of the term hyperimprovisation. “If you just call it free improvisation, students associate it with the protest music of the 1970s and try to reproduce it,” he argues. “But that attitude is the opposite of free improvisation, which sets out to escape the rules, the fads and the stagnation of styles.” According to him, those who do free improvisation have to have the courage to risk themselves in new creative structures, without fear of getting lost.