Born and raised in the city of Santo André (São Paulo – Brazil), started his musical studies in Conservatório Santa Cecília at the same time he was immersed in the predominant punk counterculture of the periphery and in the rich international jazz scene in the city of São Paulo, which allowed him to participate in workshops with jazz players like Brandford Marsalis and Dave Liebman. He was a scholarship holder on several occasions at the Campos do Jordão Winter Festival, taking classical saxophone classes with Dilson Florêncio and Dale Underwood, as well as participating in several youth orchestras, many times as a soloist.

He graduated bachelor and master in music from the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), one of the most prestigious in Latin America. His master’s dissertation proposes a new look at Brazilian improvisation and presents a proposal for independent analysis. He has worked extensively in studio recordings and with various Brazilian musical groups and artists, having recorded or performed with Yamandú Costa, Lea Freire, Vinicius Dorin, Mozat Terra, Toquinho, João Bosco, Frejat, Titãs, Capital Inicial, among others. He released a saxophone method and wrote for the specialized magazine “Sax e Metais”. He studied Eastern European instrumental music, contemporary improvisation and musical composition.

He was part of the prominent experimental scene of São Paulo, which in the decade of 2010 represented a globally recognized scenario. He participated in several festivals of contemporary music, such as the traditional Festival Música Nova Gilberto Mendes, Jazz na Fábrica SESC Pompéia, Bienal da Música Hoje, Ibrasotpope and ?Música?-USP, having contact with expressive names of free improvisation such as Dror Feiler, Franziska Schroeder, Chefa Alonso, Alexandros Markeas. He has a doctorate from the University of São Paulo and his thesis presents a deep insight into the creative process in contemporary improvisation.

In the academic field he has contributed with researches that involve musical improvisation, participated in panels, congresses and promoted workshops of improvisation in national and international level in other universities. He is part of the teaching staff of the Graduate Program in Music at Unicamp and regularly offers theoretical and practical discipline about contemporary improvisation, besides directing the group Coletivo Improvisado. He coordinates the Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Improvisation, Creativity and Musical Cognition. Since 2017 he is a career researcher PQ of the Integration Center of Documentation and Cultural Dissemination of Unicamp.