Manu Falleiros & Improvised Collective | 2020

We are pieces and fragments, reminiscences and noise on a screen. Distopias precariously emulating ancestral connections in a world of communicative power. As in the game of surrealist artists, an improviser performs a solo improvisation, but only sends the last seconds to the next improviser. This next improviser, in turn, basing himself only on a final fragment, performs his improvisation and, in the same way, sends only a short final stretch to the next improviser. And so on. Once the sequence was finished, all the improvisations were put together in order, offering an unexpected result for the improvisers… and then edited in disorder…

Composer, improviser, saxophonist. Holds a Ph.D. in Music from Sao Paulo University. Master in Music by Campinas University. Coordinates the Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Improvisation, Creativity and Musical Cognition. Researcher PQ-career of the Center of Integration Documentation and Cultural Diffusion of Unicamp and supervisor of the School of Music Project at Unicamp. Participated in concerts with improvisers from Thailand, Spain and the United Kingdom, and at festivals such as Festival? Music? -USP, Sound Connections 2 -MIS (BRA), Ibrasotop 33 (BRA), Net Concerto (BRA-UK). Prize for Classical Composition of Funarte, with his work “O Uiraçu”.

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