| Improvised Collective | pioneer group of performance and research in Contemporary Improvisation of Unicamp, formed in 2013 for specific projects.

| Coordinated | by Manuel Falleiros, PhD in Creative Processes by Eca / USP, career researcher PQ-UNICAMP.

| Free Improvisation | is the search for the new at every moment, intensifying the present. Free Improvisation need not be restricted to the appropriateness of style as in idiomatic improvisations. Collective improvisation is developed through an interactive construction, such as a conversation or a game with sounds.

Quatro Obras para Improvisadores [A. Faraco] – 2019

Propostas Entreabertas – 2018

Aus den Sieben Tagen (Stockhausen) 2018
Performed integrally by Improvised Collective on 06/22/2018 at the Casa do Lago – UNICAMP

The year 2017 is completed 10 years after the death of the German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, with many innovative and controversial works. This concert celebrated the 50th anniversary of the iconic work ‘Aus Den Sieben Tagen’ (From the Seven Days) that inaugurated the concept of intuitive music, coined by the composer and still not widespread. The 15 poems that make up the work, written under the influence of Eastern philosophy, explore a particular interpretation of free improvisation. Searching for musical thematic songs and randomness and finding possibilities that do not refer to free jazz, Stockson bases his intuitive music concept under the premise of a music that flows to the media of musical genres and towards sonorities still unknown.

Members: Arthur Faraco (acoustic bass), Carlos do Santos (percussion), Edu Hebling (bass), Fred Tavares (sax), Helder Pinheiro (ac. guitar), Ivan Barasnevicius (el. guitar), Lula Fidalgo(guitar), Mário Marques (clarone), Rafael Santana (trumpet) and PhD Prof. Manuel Falleiros (general coordination, winds), Cássio Moreira (translation, percussions), Paulo Souza (technical staff).

Propostas (2017)

Proposals made by the group members themselves, cultivating the seeds of the avant-garde 1968: graphic, textual scores, improvisation proposals.

Soon, download the sheet music here.

Famas – 2017

FAMA (phêmê), winged mythological figure. The one in charge of spreading all the news, from the gods or from men. Wielding a trumpet, allows no murmurs, listens to the world in its resonant bronze palace, sees with its many eyes as mouths to proclaim. Its wings allow it to be anywhere to ascertain events. Nothing will be hidden under your domain. Conception and performance: Manuel Falleiros, Daiane Correa, Ana Clara Ferraz.

O Tratado Completo: A música de Cornelius Cardew (2016)

The work of British composer Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981) brings together a diversity of geometric figures, numbers, lines and some musical symbols written between 1963 and 1967. The composer never left specific instructions for the work, but suggested that each performer or group build his own interpretation, seeking to explore the limits of musical notation and music itself.

Performers: Alberto Ferreira (piano), Nando Penteado (extended guitar), Carlos Roberto (vibraphone), Cássio Moreira (percussion), Diego Assis (guitar), Paulo Flores (flute and classical), Marcelo Pereira (baritone saxophone), Ronalde Monezzi (tenor saxophone) and ManuelFalleiros (direction and saxophone),

Technical Team: Carolina Carvalho (Produção), Fabiana Benini (bibliotecária CIDDIC), Maria do Rosário Zullo – tratamento gráfico, Vinicius Cintra – digitalização, José Santana – Partitura Gráfica, Caio Polesi (Peripécia Filmes) animação em vídeo.

Moriana (2015)

Starting from the idea contained in Italo Calvino’s homonymous text (from the book “The Invisible Cities”) – to describe a city that shelters the forms of subjectivity – the members of the collective composed their own city, Moriana itself, by the agglutination and treatment of fragments. of videos that each member found significant. Improvisation follows with the video, but not with the idea of soundtrack, but of interaction with the images and other sounds. They are sounds and images interacting not simply with question-answer or figurative sonoplastic sound symbols, but rather with the idea of construction and deconstruction, front and back, ruin and work, tragically present in Calvin’s text.

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18/03/14  Circuito de Improvisação Livre – Trackers – São Paulo/SP

Orquestra Errante e Coletivo Improvisado, Unicamp – 2013

Invitation folder “Coletivo Improvisado”. 

Unicamp, 2013.

Projeto ESTRATÉGIAS – 2012